About the Pain Society

The Pain Society of Oregon is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We are a network of caring, diverse, and interdisciplinary healthcare professionals across the state of Oregon. Active chapters in Central Oregon, Eugene and Portland sponsor monthly educational presentations. Local practitioners represent a variety of modalities and perspectives at these meetings. Emphasis is placed on creating a common language and providing a forum for discussion.

The Pain Society of Oregon sponsors educational events and conferences throughout the year and has a Patient Advocacy Committee dedicated to educating and empowering patients and community members.

To become a member or become involved, please contact our office!              


"Pain is complex and defies our ability to establish a clear definition. Pain is far more than neural transmission and sensory transduction. Pain is a complex melange of emotions, culture, experience, spirit and sensation. Because pain is a complex puzzle, no single health care profession holds the puzzle piece that solves this puzzle; rather, each health care profession holds a critical piece that contributes to the completion of the puzzle.”
- Kathryn Weiner, Ph.D