James Morris, M.D.
Pain Management Partners, LLC
2401 River Road
Eugene, OR 97404-5414
Phone: (541) 344-8469
Fax: (541) 687-8631
Email: jmorris@wpainmanage.com

License(s)/Certification(s) Held:

Areas of Specialty:
Pain management.

Awards, Honors, Specialized Training:
Diplomate, American Academy of Pain Management, Past-President, Pain Society of Oregon.

Professional Affiliations:

Description of Practice:
James Morris, M.D. has been practicing in the Eugene area for the past 25 years. His practice is limited to pain management, concentrating on long-term management options from a primary care perspective. He is the Past President of the Pain Society of Oregon and is currently in private practice with Pain Management Partners. He has extensive experience in multidisciplinary pain management, fibromyalgia, opioid analgesic treatment, and chronic pain treatment. Pain is a multidimensional, unpleasant, sensory and emotional experience that benefits most from multidisciplinary treatment. I work in coordination with independent multidisciplinary treatment providers and a selection of interdisciplinary advisors. Although opioid/narcotic therapy may be a part of pain management, it is not the primary focus of medical care. Education and medical treatment form a cornerstone for broader, more comprehensive pain management options.

My practice is limited to medical pain management, focus on medical diagnosis, non-surgical care, and long term management options from a primary care perspective. I accept referrals for consultation, help design treatment plans, and assist with coordination of multidisciplinary care.

The goal of treatment is to assist the pain patient in achieving independence and stability within the medical system. Returning to the primary providers care with an organized treatment plan, including flare-up management, is the main objective of medical pain management. Using an eclectic approach, including a range of non-surgical interventions, most patients achieve objective well within 12 months.

My trained and qualified staff includes mid-level practitioners and nurses. I accept most insurance programs. I am on the staff of both local hospitals. I see patients on referral only, and the patient must maintain a primary care provider.